Use your money wisely: Inspirational Monday

Inspirational Monday

We live in a society where the focus is on spending money. I believe that we need to spend our money wisely, after all God has given them to us for a reason and we are to take good care of everything he gives to us.

Notice twos words in the topic… we have to use OUR money WISELY. In Hungary, where I live, I quite regularly get calls from banks who want to give me great offers on their credit cards. Once I heard the magic work, credit card, I say thank you and good bye. I do not even want to have the chance to spend money which I do not own.

Here is the challenge
I know people who have never been able to lay aside money. They enter a supermarket and see a nice TV and buy it with money they do not have. They have never been able to lay aside 50 USD a month until then, but now they believe that in the coming 2 years they will be able to pay back a TV with 50 USD a month. Throughout the next 2 years they struggle every month to pay all their bills. As a consequence they are bitter and tired the next 2 years due to the financial struggles they have to go through to pay all their bills. Why don’t we turn the picture around!

Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.

Start laying aside money today. When you have the amount you need to buy the TV, then go for it. Until then… wait! Commercials and ads all tell you that you need this product, and you need it now. However if your wallet and savings account say no, then the answer is no. Do not look for ways around and do compromise savings, your tithing to make it work somehow. Put aside the money you need and once you have the money, feel free to buy. The good thing with this strategy is that once you have the money you will understand that you did not really need the product at all, and then you have a nice amount of money that you are free to use for something else.

A little lesson from Joseph
I just read about Joseph, the son of Jacob, in the Bible this morning. God gave him wisdom to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh and he started administrating all the agriculture in Egypt. He laid aside during the good years so that they could be prepared when the bad years arrived.

I believe God for blessings and prosperity, but we need to be prepared for bad years. If I would lose my job, for how long could I pay our bills and have food on the table? If something happens to my health, what then?

We are to trust in God when it comes to finances. He takes care of us and will lead us through every challenge. Some people use this so-called trust as an excuse to throw away all of their money today. However we are to spend what we have been given wisely, and I do believe that God wants us to lay aside and invest into our future.

Last piece of advice: Keep your trust in God, and not in your savings account!

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