Taking care of the temple of God

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taking care of the temple of godTo get something accomplished in life you need to have a goal and a vision. Many of us decide to live more healthy and eat better food from time to time, but if there is not vision and reason for doing so, then why bother?

After September 11th in 2001 I remember hearing from a leader in the USA how people flocked to the churches in the weeks following the attack. However, only some months later most of the people had disappeared from the church rows and had returned to their normal lives. How come? They came at once because they were afraid, but as the fear left them, so did their urge to attend church.

Fear will only move you forward for a while

John Maxwell writes in Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda about a heart attack he once got. Before the heart attacked he had never experienced any serious health issues, but suddenly things changed. Luckily the doctors took great care of him, and he decided to make some changes concerning what to eat and how to live his life afterwards. A couple of years down the road his doctor said that he was as good as new. Hearing this he slipped back into eating and living the way he had done before the problems occurred. Luckily he noticed that he was slipping back, and made some changes again and has since then continued a much healthier and better lifestyle. As you understand, fear will only move you forward for a while. There will come a while when the fear is leaving, and you will be tested.

A lasting vision for healthy living

While fear will make you change for a while, there is a vision that will bring force and strength and empower you as you decide to take better care of the temple of God (your body). What is that? The fact that your body is a temple of God! I have come to know, see and understand, that my main reason for eating and living healthy is the fact that my body is the temple of God. The fact that God has given me my body and told me take care of it and supply for it, then I realize that one of my most important tasks here on earth is to take good care of it, and thus give glory to my God and creator as I do so.

[stextbox id=”info”]Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? (1 Corinthians 3:16)[/stextbox]

How to get started with a healthier lifestyle

It can often seem so hard to live a healthier life. How do I start? There are tons of ways and advises out there, but I often believe in starting in the small. Change one of your unhealthy morning habits. I often find myself surprised when I start the day in a healthy way, because it will often impact the rest of the day. One good and healthy decision will often lead to several healthy and good decisions. Instead of drinking your morning cup of coffee, exchange it with something like this green lemonade. It is full of vitamins, tastes good and will impact the rest of your day. If you follow up walking to work instead of using the car you will find yourself so inspired by the great decisions you have made, that you will not yearn at all that much for chocolate and cakes for dessert as you normally would. After all you are taking care of the temple of God!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am pleased that so many entrepreneurs are embracing “improve the world”, “serve people”, “live with purpose, not just for money” attitudes (very Christian), but they still have not gotten the ultimate “why” because that is only found in Jesus. I also agree that our daily habits make all the difference in the world; and developing them a step at a time is a good way to go.
    I’m glad I’ve found your site and look forward to more.

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