How to automatically add featured image to Wordpress posts?


More and more WordPress themes use blog post thumbnails (featured image) when showing excerpts from the blog posts and archive sites and in lists. Therefore it is turning more and more important to actually add your thumbnail to a WordPress post.

Most of us know that illustrations and pictures are good as we upload a blog post. It is however easy to forget the plus work of making one of those uploaded pictures a thumbnail (featured image) to the post. This can be annyoing and you often spend quite a lot of time actually fixing posts where you have forgotten to add a thumbnail.

Luckily this can be fixed easily and in a very quick way.

Let a WordPress plugin automatically add thumbnails for you

There are quite a lot of plugins which can fix the thumbnail problem for you in one way or another. We have tried and now use Easy Add Thumbnails on several blogs. This is a very easy to use plugin and all you need to do is to download and activate.

Once activated the plugin will automatically add featured image to your posts. All you need to do is to upload a picture and add it to your post, and the plugin will automatically make the first picture uploaded to the post the thumbnail. You can of course change it manually, but if you do not do anything, at least a picture will be added.

Easy Add Thumbnail

Want to try it yourself? Go to WordPress, Add plugins and look for Easy Add Thumbnail.

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