My business or Gods business?

Inspirational Monday

Moses doing Gods businessIn Exodus we can read the interesting story about the creation of the golden calf. The people thought Moses was lost and they needed some new object in which they could place their trust. As God saw what was going on he came with a tempting offer to Moses.

God told Moses that he wanted to destroy the people sleeping, eating and playing by the foot of the mountain. Instead he wanted to create a new people descending from Moses. It was a great chance for Moses to turn even more famous in the history of mankind and I am afraid most of us would react in a different way than Moses in a similar situation. Because, if Moses had a goal of growing his own business, this was for sure a chance to make a giant leap in the right direction.

Gods business was more important to Moses

Instead of approving and saying “yes, thank you” Moses argueed with God. He intervened for his people and told God that it will harm his reputation if he goes through with the plan. It was of greater importance to Moses to see Gods name being lifted high than to see his own name lifted high. In other words Moses cared more for the business of God than for the business of Moses.

In a perfect world there is no such thing as my business, only Gods business. Again this means that I am doing Gods business and what I am doing isn’t my business, but something I am doing based on the calling of God and the fact that he has placed me in the position I am currently in. However there will come days and moments when you will have to decide whether your own glory or Gods glory is most important.

I hope that when those moments and days arrive we will do like Moses and consider the business of God more important than our own.

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