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Success is no accident.

I hope you are enjoying these daily encouragements as much as I enjoy writing them. Yesterday, I wrote about concentration, and today I want to continue on the same path.  Think about the following words: “Success is no accident.” It is easy to point our fingers at others and say that they were lucky to

Business and ministry or full time ministry?

It can be a real challenge when working with church ministry and evangelism to decide whether you should work as a full time minister, or if you should do some business and have a „secular” job next to your „sacred” work. The reason why I type „secular” and not secular, is that I do believe

My business or Gods business?

In Exodus we can read the interesting story about the creation of the golden calf. The people thought Moses was lost and they needed some new object in which they could place their trust. As God saw what was going on he came with a tempting offer to Moses. God told Moses that he wanted

Keep the priorities right!

Starting a new business requires lots of work. You need to arrange with paperwork, need to get the work done, you need to spread the word and you need to work hard to earn enough money to get things go around. In this process it is very important to keep the priorities right! I love