Leadership lesson from Pope Francis

Leadership lessons

Recently a new pope was elected and Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the lucky one to become the new pope at an age of 76. Here you will find out what I have learned from the newly elected Pope on the subject of leadership and perspective so far.

I haven’t listened to any of the speeches of Pope Francis yet, but I have read some of his tweets on Twitter. Just recently he posted the quoted tweet which is true indeed, but what I have learned from Pope Francis on leadership has nothing to do with the quote tweet. Do you want to find out what I have learnt from Pope Francis? Keep reading beneath the quote.

“Being a Christian is not just about following commandments: it is about letting Christ take possession of our lives and transform them.”
(tweet from Pope Francis)

The perspective of a future pope

Pope FrancisWhat I truly learned and felt inspired to share was what I felt revealed to me after the election of Pope Francis, and it deals with perspective. Most of us look at our lives in a perspective where we plan to live 80-90-100 years. We prepare to work hard for the first 60 of them, and then to relax and do not-so-important work for the remaining years. What if we had the perspective of a future pope?

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has done lots of tasks throughout his 76 year old life, but none of them will ever compare to the task he has currently as the pope and the leader of the entire Catholic church. What are you going to do at age 76? Are you planing for greatness and important tasks at an age of 76, or are you planing for retirement and relaxing only?

Pope Francis doesn’t only teach us that great things can happen at an age of 76, but it also shows the fruitful of a life lived in faithfulness. He has stayed strong in his faith, he has remained faithful to his church and most important; he has stayed close to Jesus.

Personally I want to be fit for fight at an age of 76. I want my mind to be clear, my body to be fit and my heart filled with passion. Of course I want to relax on my older days, but still – I believe that we have something to learn from the newly elected pope and most other popes who stay faithful in their tasks and then at such an old age they are promoted for even greater responsibilities.

Do you get it?

I have shared these thoughts with my family and they haven’t always understood 100% what I mean by this. I am not sure if you do either, but if you do I am glad you did!

By the way; I wonder what Internet will be like when I turn 76 (45 years from now)? Will people be blogging still, just like now? No clue!

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  1. I’ve always wondered what I plan on doing when I get older. I obviously hope to be retired and comfortable with money, but where would my passion be?

    I think as I get older I am going to consider my hobbies and passions with everything I do. I really just want to do what makes me happy and always be willing to help others. I’d like to make some kind of mark but that remains to be seen 🙂

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