What kind of an X Factor contestant are you?


talent showsIf you have ever watched a talent show in television like X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent or The Voice you will meet four groups of people. Even if you would never join in on such a talent show, you will still fit into one of the groups in this article, so keep on reading and get to know yourself in a better way.

Four kinds of people participating in X Factor

  • No skills, but with nose in the air
    The first group you can see in the talent shows are those who believe their voice will change the world, when all their voice is capable of is make the world laugh. When the jury tells the truth into their eyes they get mad at the jury for not seeing their talent and always threaten them to find another jury who will discover and see their talent.
  • Great talent and king of the world
    The second kind of person hoping for their big breakthrough in X Factor are those with great talent and they know about it. However they believe their talent to be so big, that whoever says a bad word about their performance are a fool who have no insight on the subject. Such people are incapable of being instructed and incapable of receiving negative critics, because in their own minds they know everything and they do everything correct. Yes, they are talented and they are great at what they are doing, but to much, is to much!
  • Great skills, but lack of self esteem
    In the talent shows there are some people who enter the stage with no self-esteem at all. A great example of such a person was Paul Potts back in the days when he wanted to be a part of Britains Got Talent. It could be seen on the person that he did not have much faith in himself, but once he started to sing something changed. This was a man with great talent, yet the world had not yet discovered him. Unfortunately many people who suffer from low self-esteem would never even apply for such a talent show and they would sit at home with the talent and do nothing with it. That is a true tragedy.
  • Talented, but with both legs on the ground
    You might think that the three categories we have mentioned so far are the „bad categories” and this is the good one. That isn’t completely true, but it is for sure good if you take care of your talent, know about it, develop it, but remain with both legs on the ground. Only a person with both legs on the ground will be able to listen to advises and learn from others while guarding their own talent and dream and growing in that. Success in such a person will not cause them to forget about loved ones and family, but they will remember who has stood behind them and supported them along the way and give credit to those who deserve it as awards are won.

These were just some characteristics of four types of people. Maybe you recognize yourself in one of them, or maybe you feel totally unlike any of the persons I have described. No problem… however if these descriptions have given you something to think about, take a little break and think!

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