How to make all links in my blog nofollow?


Do you have a WordPress blog and want to make all your outgoing links in posts and pages nofollow? It can easily be done with the following plugin!

nofollow wordpress linksIf you have loads of outgoing links from your blog article they will make all the other links suffer. If someone link to your blog from an article where it at the same time link to 15 other blogs it will not be a very juicy link. However a link to your blog from an article where that is the only link is much more juicy. Another thing to consider is the fact that links to bad article and bad sites might harm your SEO. Because of such reasons many people want to turn their links into nofollow links, thus being able to lead the link juice in the directions they want to, and not in many other directions.

Make old links nofollow

Maybe you have been blogging or ages and have hundreds of article and the thought of making links in those article nofollow a nightmare. Well, it can easily be done if you decide to download and activate the WordPress plugin named WP Nofollow Post. This plugin once activated will let you decide whether to make all links nofollow on both posts and pages, or on pages or on posts alone. The important thing is that it also lets you add domains to which you want to make all links do-follow. Thus it will automatically make links pointing in those directions do-follow, while all other outgoing links will turn into no-follow links.

It is extremely easy to use and you might be ready with making all your old links no-follow links in 2 minutes from now.

Be aware of the fact that only links in posts and pages will be turned into nofollow. If you have links added to your widgets, to your footers or so on these will remain do-follow links unless you change them manually yourself! The plugin can also help you make links in comments disappear if you have lots of spammers who have commented on your blog to get do-follow links from it.

Again, this is a great plugin for WordPress which can and will save you for hours of work.

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    • Might make it less popular among people, but the danger of do-follow links (at least if you link to bad sites or commenters come from spammy sites) is just as capable of making you very unpopular by Google!

  1. Well Pranjal B’s doain expired so I guess his site was indeed very unpopular.

    The only people who have anything to lose by no-followng all OBL are people selling links, and I count those low grade “write for us” (basically private article directories) blogs that take free content, monetise it with adsense in return for a free backlink.

    EVERYONE with a genuine site should see no difference in popularity, in fact most users will not even notice all links are nofollowed, and in fact many premium themse like WooThemes dofollow by default anyway, and have done for some time.

    NoFollowing all your links protects your own blog from penalties as well as sites you link out to.

    100% nofollow is the best approach these days… unless you are selling links.

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