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Why prayer is very dangerous! Five reasons!

Prayer is one of the most dangerous activities you can ever do. Be careful with[…]


Election Season Chaos: Let’s Come Together Instead of Coming Undone

It’s been very disheartening to see how many of the supporters on the left side[…]

Time to pick up my old fashioned paper Bible again

It is time to pick up my old fashioned Bible again. Not the one I[…]

seven days without Jesus makes one weak

Seven days without Jesus makes one weak

Have you heard someone say ‘Seven days without Jesus makes one weak’? It is a[…]

Ed Young on Netflix

Christian teachings on Netflix

On the first day of each month there are always lots of film and TV[…]

Slay Your Dragons in the Morning

Slay your dragons in the morning

I just read this really good article written by Michael Hyatt, one of the best[…]

AD The Bible

AD: The Bible – my thoughts after the first episode

It is always interesting as they create new TV series and films based on the[…]

God should have all the glory – Lesson from 2 Samuel 24.

The Bible is filled with interesting passages, and one example of such a passage can[…]

What to do when your boat is sinking?

A bunch of friends traveled in a boat from one side of the lake to[…]

My blog about business and faith

This is the first blog post in my blog dealing with business and faith. It[…]