What to do when your boat is sinking?


jesus on your boatA bunch of friends traveled in a boat from one side of the lake to the other. During the trip a big storm arose and they were about to sink. Luckily they had this miracle guy in the boat, but unfortunately he was sleeping. They woke the guy up and told him to help them. He did!

Maybe you recognize this story from the Bible? The disciples woke Jesus up and told him to save them, after all, the boat was sinking. Bible teachings based on this story often speak of the lack of faith in the disciples, and so does Jesus as he asks „Where is your faith?” There is however another perspective worth thinking about as we read this story. I would therefore like you to ask yourself the following two questions:

When your boat is in trouble, where do you go for help?

We might say today that the disciples lacked faith and did not trust in the fact that Jesus had everything under control. Still, it is an interesting fact to see and to realize that at least they knew where to turn when the storm came. They did not give up, they did not start meditating and look to their inner man for strength, they did not look for scapegoat causing the storm to arise… they went to Jesus! Just imagine how much better many people would do if they would turn to Jesus when storms arise. We should of course not only turn to him when storms arise, but I believe that in many situations storms arise for people to discover God in the middle of them.

storms arise for people to find god in them

Is Jesus in your boat?

The people at the boat were disciples of Jesus. They followed him around and followed his directions. When the storm arose, he helped them fix the problem. There is though a problem that many people face as the storms arise; Jesus is not together with them in the boat! My question is therefore today: Is Jesus on your boat? Or, are you on the boat of Jesus? Jesus has invited all of us to follow him unto his boat, and once on his boat, we can know for sure that he is in control and taking care of us. The invitation is ready, and now all you need to do is to accept his invitation. He is waiting for you with open arms and a smile around his mouth!

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