All that I have is yours

Inspirational Monday

The story in Luke 15 about the prodigal son is well known. But, there is an explosive message in this parable that I have not noticed earlier.

Prodigal sonIn the story the younger son takes his part of the heritage from home and goes to “live his life.” Everything works great, until the money is gone and he needs to eat and live together with the pigs. He then realize how much better everything was at home, so he decides to go home and ask his father for mercy. Once at home he is welcomed with the biggest party ever made. Everything is great, but the greater brother becomes angry. He has been faithful to his father at home, but he has never gotten such a party. That is when the father says the following:

“Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.”

I wish I could have been a drug addict

drug addictIn my younger days I remember wishing that I could have experienced a marvelous repentance, just like the younger son in the story, and like those “drug addict testimonies” you might have heard. These stories were so amazing, and so much better, than my boring testimony always wanting to be a Christian and always following Jesus.

But, the words of the father in the story gives us another perspective. He says that “All that I have is yours.” Imagine the fact that all of Gods blessings, all of his goodness, all those celebrations and good things, they are there waiting for me right now. He wants to pour his joy and happiness upon me, but since we do not expect it and do not think he truly is that good, we do not really believe for it. And since everything comes out of faith, we loose out on this wonderful gift and blessing from God.

Believe God when he says: All that I have is yours

So, today I challenge you to believe God when he says: All that I have is yours. God does not only throw a party for people with a drastic testimony and a colorful repentance, but he rejoices over those of us who feel like we have a “boring testimony” and he want to open his windows of blessing upon us and let us experience his richness in joy and happiness.

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