How to make header HTML tags in Wordpress easily?


If you have used WordPress for a while, you are probably tired of manually adding title tags to your text. We need, because it is good for the SEO, but it is not so cool to do this manually. So, how can you add header HTML tags easily in WordPress?

header keyboard shortcut wordpressTo add a HTML header tag in WordPress easily you need to use the visual editor. So, get out of the text editor and use the visual editor and write a text. Write an introduction, press enter, write the text you want to have as a title, press enter again and write some more. Now, to make the header mark it with your mouse and press Ctrl and 2 at the same time. As you do this WordPress will automatically create this as a <h2> header. If you press Ctrl – 3 you will get a <h3> header. I guess you get the point. This is time saving and much more enjoyable than manually adding the code every single time.

Make WordPress headers with keyboard shortcut

This topic was made pressing Control and 3 at the same time. Great stuff, and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

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