God should have all the glory – Lesson from 2 Samuel 24.


Lesson from 2 Samuel 24The Bible is filled with interesting passages, and one example of such a passage can be found in 2 Samuel 24. There is much to learn in this passage, but first of all I believe that God is teaching David a lesson about glory.

Some people might find this article because they look for an answer to a question concerning the first verse in 2 Samuel 24. Many people claim and believe that the Bible contradicts itself. If you are curious about the contradiction, I recommend that you read the following article which is truly interesting.

As you read through the chapter you will see that David wants to count the number of fighters in Israel. The reason was clearly that they were all spread around, and he wanted to find out how many warriors he actually had all in all in his troops. This might seem very innocent, but the Bible clearly states that there was a problem with this situation, and the problem was the attitude of David.

David had a problem with his attitude

Imagine that you have money spread all around in banks all across the world, online and everywhere. It could be very interesting to sum it all up to find out how much you actually have. And in fact, there is nothing wrong with having an overview. That can be said about David’s situation as well. The problem was something else. David did not sum up his warriors to get an overview, he wanted to count his warriors to bring glory to himself and his own leadership. After all such a great army is for sure the result of an awesome leader. And that is the root of the problem. David’s goal was not to count his warriors to give God glory for his magnificent work, but it was about bringing the honor to himself. God did not like this attitude at all, and that is why God in verse 1 allowed such a thought of counting the warriors even occur on the mind of David.

Counting your money

As you do business it is useful and recommended to have an overview showing your different accounts and the current status of your business. But, when you count your money, amount of employees and results, make sure to do so to bring glory to God for the results he has given you. After all, that might be the most important lesson we can learn from 2 Samuel 24.

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