How to watch BBC One live stream from abroad?

I have earlier written a quite thorough guide on the subject of watching the BBC iPlayer from abroad. There are however some situations in which you will not be satisfied with the BBC iPlayer, because you want to watch the BBC One live stream. But, how can that be done from abroad?

The strategy that you need to follow the BBC One live stream from abroad is exactly the same as when you want to watch the BBC iPlayer from abroad. That means that to avoid the geographical block which is set there on the programs, you need to get yourself a British IP address and with such an address you will again be able to watch the BBC One live stream from all across the world.

I understood the need of this as the third and last episode of Sherlock Holmes in season three was broadcasted on January 12th, 2014. Many people wanted to see it live on BBC One, as it only gets available hours later on the BBC iPlayer. That is why this information is useful when you want to see it in the moment as it is broadcasted live. That is of course also true for sports events, Winter Olympics and other happenings and programs that you want to see live on BBC One or one of the other BBC channels.

If you try to watch BBC One Live stream from abroad you will see the following error message.

Tired of seeing the above error message? Get rid of the message as you get hold of a UK IP address.

To get a UK IP address you could use a VPN provider. On this page I have written reviews of several VPN providers, but if you want to get yourself a UK IP address the best VPN provider I believe is the one with their main seat located in the UK, and who are on the spot to always provide their users with the best server quality and speeds in the UK. And the name of that VPN provider is HideMyAss.

Watch BBC One live stream in a few minutes

To get started and to be able to watch the BBC One live stream, follow these steps.

HideMyAss I am watching the BBC One live stream from abroad

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