How can I watch Sky Sports from abroad?

Do you have a Sky Sports subscription, a Sky Go package, and now you would like to enjoy it from your current location, which happens to be outside the UK? Then you will have a slight piece of problem, but one that can easily be fixed!

Watch football live on Sky Sports from abroad

If you want to watch your Sky Sports subscription from outside the UK what you need to do is to get a UK IP address, which is the solution to your problem, and which will make you able to watch Sky Sports from abroad. The best way of getting that is to use the services of a British company named Privax which has a VPN service named HideMyAss. Since they are UK based they have great speed and service on their UK servers, so this is an amazingly easy way to get yourself a UK ip address and thus you can watch your Sky Sports/Sky Go account easily from wherever you are in the world.HideMyAss

Enjoy Sky Sports from abroad

Once you have your HideMyAss subscription simply download their VPN application, connect to a UK server and restart your browser. As you restart your browser (or you can also wait some minutes for the IP change to be registered by your browser) you will look like a UK citizen to the Sky Sports site, and you are ready to watch Sky Sports from your location somewhere in the world at once.

It is easy, it is fun and it means that you do not have to miss out on any second from all your favorite Premier League matches, Champions League matches and other sports events broadcasted live on Sky, Sky Sports!

[stbpro id=”info”]You can now also watch all Sky Sports content on NOW TV, the live streaming platform of Sky TV. This is easier, a bit cheaper and very easy to get started with. Read more about watching NOW TV in this article.[/stbpro]


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