How to remove “Comments are currently closed” from Wordpress blogs?

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If you have a WordPress blog you have probably noticed that there is a chance to turn on and to turn off the chance of commenting on your articles. However, when you disable comments you often do it because you want this entire comment thing to get lost, and then the last thing you want is the “Comments are currently closed” text to show up instead. So, what can you do to get rid of this text?

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Find out how to remove the Comments are closed text from your WordPress blog

To get rid of the Comments are Currently Closed text you need to take a few steps that might seem scary if you are a beginner, but they are really easy and should not cause any danger to your or your blog. Just follow these steps and there is an 80% chance that these instructions will help you get rid of the comments are currently closed message. The reason there is only an 80% chance is that some themes hide their codes better than others and make it much harder to get rid of such messages, but in general this is very easy and hopefully these instructions will help you to delete the message.

Remove “Comments are currently closed” from your WordPress blog

To remove the text, follow these steps:

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard
  • Press Appearance and Editor
  • Make sure that the theme you are using is selected (upper right corner)
  • Look for comments.php in the menu on the right showing all files available.
  • Inside your comments.php file look for the text: “Comments are closed”.
    The text is often surrounded with a description telling you that this will show up whenever comments are disabled. Write another text instead of Comments are Closed, or simply remove the text. Make sure not to remove anything more than exactly that given text, because if you by coincidence delete more than just the text it might have a fatal influence on your blog. So, just the text, and nothing else. It can be smart to make a backup before, even though this should be an easy step.
  • Remove the Comments are Closed text and save. It should be working now.
Comments are closed

Here you can see an example from comments.php where you can see the “Comments are Closed” text

Above you can see an example of what the Comments Are Closed text might look like. As you can see there are two ‘ ‘ on both sides of the text. Again we must say that it is important that you leave those, and only delete the actual Comments Are Closed text and nothing else.

Good luck and hope this will help you. If it has helped you, why not sign up for our newsletter for more similar helpful articles in the future, or maybe write a comment to say thank you?

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