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Jegbufe in Budapest

Learn from Becketts and Jégbüfe in Budapest!

Did you know that I believe you have something to learn from two places in[…]

Small changes may have big consequences!

Happy new year everyone, and hope you will enjoy my first blog post in 2014![…]

God’s way of selecting workers

There is something so brilliant, comforting and encouraging when it comes to God’s way of[…]

I need to be living for more than myself!

Life can be real busy at times, and when you run a business, a blog[…]

Do not compare yourself to your surroundings

It is easy to follow the flow and behave in the same way as everyone[…]

A life without Google Analytics

I have never used drugs or smoked cigarettes, but I have used Google Analytics. Luckily[…]

6 good ways to start the day

The way you start your day will often influence your entire day. If you start[…]

Ignore your low self-esteem – look to God

It is a common problem in our world today that people suffer from low self-esteem.[…]

Be steadfast and immovable

“So that, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the[…]

God wants us to find joy in the work we do - Source: Pixabay

Work with joy

I just listened to some teaching on the węb where the preacher said that many[…]