Learn from Becketts and Jégbüfe in Budapest!

Jegbufe in Budapest

Did you know that I believe you have something to learn from two places in Budapest? One of these places is called Becketts and it is known to be the best Irish pub in town, and the other place in Jégbüfe, a confectionery downtown Budapest!

You have probably never heard of any of these places before, but there is something that you can learn from them anyway.

Becketts has been a meeting place for both foreigners and locals for years, and it has been called the best Irish pub in town, and the perfect place for a Guinness. It has been a popular place to watch football matches and it has lots of people using this as “their second home” in Budapest.

Jégbüfe is a place with a soul. It opened back in 1952 and it was a place where you could by cakes and coffee and either bring it with you, or drink and eat it standing looking out the windows of the place.

Jegbufe in Budapest

Lots of cakes in Jegbufe in Budapest

So, what do Becketts and Jégfübe have in common? What is there to learn?

Not long ago Becketts was forced to close down and move out of their localities located not far from the Hungarian Parliament. The reasons are a bit unclear, but locals were sad to loose their favorite Irish pub in town. In August 2015 the news also arrived that Jégbüfe had to close down, and Hungarians lamented this beloved place.

In other words both Becketts and Jégbüfe had to close down at their old locations, but luckily for the locals and for tourists coming to town they did not put their heads in the heart to cry, but instead they got up and looked for new chances and places. And, those who search will find, and only a few months later Jégbüfe reopened, 30 metres from the original location, in a way nicer and much better looking place, and not only does the place look nicer, but there are more cakes available and it all looks better!

When it comes to Becketts they brought most of the furniture and belongings from the old place, and they reopened the pub at the Liszt Ferenc square in Budapest, near Oktogon, a much better location which will make much more people come visit the place than at its former location.

In other words, what could have led to the “death” of both the Jégbüfe and Becketts had a quite contrary effect, it led to something much, much better, at least the way I see it!

What can we learn from Becketts and Jégbüfe?

Life often brings us situations where we feel like Becketts and Jégbüfe. We have been working hard to get something working, and then suddenly we loose what we have been working on, or things do not succeed. Instead of hiding our face in our lap, we need to look up instead and discover the new opportunities around is. If Becketts and Jégbüfe would have remained at their old locations and if they were not forced to move out, then they would never have moved into nicer localities, at better locations. But, what could have destroyed the places instead served them well. Hopefully situations that were meant for your harm and for your destruction will serve you for good instead! I pray to God that he will help you overcome those difficulties and that you in a few weeks, months or years will look back at them and say thank you (it is Thanksgiving today after all) for those difficulties, because they in fact led you to something better!

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