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God wants us to find joy in the work we do - Source: Pixabay

Work with joy!I just listened to some teaching on the węb where the preacher said that many persons spend 40% of their time alive working. Are you thinking of your time at work as a terrible time that you just need to get through to supply for your family and to make the wheels go around, or are you able to work with joy and look forward to every new day as you wake up in the morning?

In the beginning, as God created the heavens and the earth he created the first people. He immediately gave them work as he said; „Have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” We are created to work, so if you are looking upon work as a punishment from God and something that you simply need to do to get enough for your daily life, I believe God wants to give you a higher goal with your job and with your business.

It is interesting to read in Genesis 2 that after God finished his work (the creation) he rested. Two important things can be noticed right away. The first is that God worked, and since we are created in his image, we are also created to work. The second thing to notice is that after working, he rested. An important part of enjoying your job is to relax and enjoy the fruit of your job when you have the chance and time. God created a seventh day on which we were to relax, and that is a principle worth following as best you can! Some people misunderstand this and impatiently suffer Monday morning and endure the following days waiting for the weekend to arrive when it is time to relax. We are meant to enjoy our job, but when the time has come for relaxing, then we are to relax!

But, what about the other days when I have to go to work?

First of all, it is important to find a job you enjoy to be able to work with joy. What comes easy to you? What do you enjoy doing? In what areas are you talented? Develop what you’re good at to get even better in that area. It is very hard to be good at everything, but you for sure have talents in special areas, so why not develop them to get extraordinary in those areas. Look for a job that deals with the subject you are interested in or with the activity you enjoy. Do not expect the dream job to come around at once, but stay open and pray for God to open doors which will lead you into a job that will lead to satisfaction and joy in your daily life.

God wants us to find joy in the work we do - Source: Pixabay

God wants us to find joy in the work we do – Source: Pixabay

You might find a job within your area of interest and enjoy it, but with time all tasks become tiring and boring unless you have a vision for your job. Jesus knew for what reason he came to the earth and that gave him endurance even in hard times. Knowing about the sacrifice he was to make within shortly he himself said: „For this reason, I have come…”

When you reach those tough and uninspired days you need to have a vision for your job and you need to see higher than the task itself. God wants us to work. God has created us to work. He wants you to enjoy it and he wants you to experience a fulfillment as you accomplish the tasks that He has called you to do.

I have a secular job… can I have a Godly vision for that as well?

God never created a list of secular and sacred jobs. What makes a job sacred is your motivation for doing it. To write a blog might seem like a secular thing, but I intend on doing this for the glory of God, even when writing articles about SEO, internet topics, blogging and similar subjects. If you work in an office your goal can be to do your secretary job with excellence and in that way bring glory to God.

You can be a boss in a company and bring glory to God by leading the company and dealing with your employees in a good way following Biblical principles. At the same time, you can have a goal of making a large profit to be able to help others in need, give to a mission and of course help your local church with donations, tithing, and gifts.

Good luck with your job and if you lack vision, ask God who liberally gives to all who ask! It is time for a change in working morale and time to

Work with joy!

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