Do not compare yourself to your surroundings


It is easy to follow the flow and behave in the same way as everyone else. A path in the forest used by many is easier to walk on, but it isn’t always right to choose the most popular way.

We always like to compare ourselves to others. If we feel that we have a good morale and behave better than others, it is more than enough. You might say: „I went to church at least once last month, and that is more than Mr. Carter did.” Or maybe you say to yourself that „John lies to his wife every day, I only lie from time to time.”

What’s interesting is that you will NOT stand in front of God together with Mr. Carter or John one day, but we will all stand there alone in front of Almighty God. It doesn’t matter how you behaved compared to your surroundings. What matters is if you have walked on the way God has placed before you, or not.

Do not compare yourselves to the crowd

– Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong –

Stop comparing yourself

Comparing yourself to your surroundings keeps you in a prison. Some people look in the mirror and all they see is that 3% of the world look slimmer than themselves, and they forget the fact that 97% have more fat on their body. Others envy their neighbor who has a better card, and easily forget the fact that most people on this earth doesn’t even have a car. And if they had, they wouldn’t have money to buy gas with.

It is such a freedom as you stop comparing yourself to your surroundings. Look to God and look to his masterplan and do what he has called you to do, instead of comparing yourself to your surroundings. That is true freedom!

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