How to create a link that opens a box in Wordpress (Toggle Box)?


There are times when you have a lot of content that you want to hide some of the content away and only make it available when the user wants to see it. For a long time I looked for a plugin that could do it, and recently I found it.

If you want to create a link that opens a new box in WordPress, a so called Toggle Box, go and look for a plugin named Toggle Box. Download the plugin and activate it and return to the post or page where you want to use it. To use the plugin use the following code:

[toggle Title=”When I click this link a new box will open”]And when I click that link I will be able to see this information as well![/toggle]

If you use this code it will look as follows:

toggle box in wordpress

I have pressed the link and that makes it possible to see the “hidden” text

In the above example I created a little article for the purpose of showing how the Toggle box plugin works. I hope you have found this short and little how to guide useful. If you have further advises and recommendations we would love to have you write a comment and share your wisdom!

If you want to see the Toggle Box plugin in use on a real webpage, you can for example check out this article about Brasserie La Perle in Budapest and as you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see the toggle box by the table reservation option.

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  1. sry dr i have problem its run other site but its not run on costume site so pls tell me how can solve my problem and i should not any plugin in site..
    run pls solve my other problem

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