How to mention people and pages on Google+ in my Blogger post?


Blogger has added a very cool effect to their Blogger tool. You can now mention people directly in your blog post and they will automatically get to know about the blog post you have written in which you have mentioned them. But, how can I actually make this happen?

As you create your Blogger account you will connect it to your Google+ profile registered on the same Google Account. If you are only registered on Blogger you need to upgrade your account to a Google+ account for this function to work.

Mention people in your Blogger posts

When you create a new post in Blogger you can just write the article in the way you would normally do it. But, if you want to mention someone in your article you can add an @ or a + and start typing in their profile name after that. You will then see a list of options showing up and you select the page or the profile you want to mention. If you want to mention our How to Blog Guide in a Blogger post you can simply add @howtoblogguide to your post and it will turn into a link referring to our Google+ profile and we will receive a notice about you mentioned us in your post.

Mention people on Google+ in your Blogger articles

In this example I will mentioned three persons/pages in my post… easy and really cool!

Will everyone I mention be noticed about the post?

This depends on how they have made their Google+ settings. But, as you mention people and pages in your blog post you will get the option to share the article on Google+ after publishing it, and then the mentioned profiles and pages will automatically be added to the list of those you share the blog post with.

[stextbox id=”grey”]It is important to know that you will only be able to mention people who are actually registered on Google+[/stextbox]

This is a great way to let people you mention in your blog know that you have actually done so. And, if you have written a positive review or some good words about someone they will probably keep sharing your content in their social networks, bringing more visitors to your page. Do not forget to mention people, but be careful not to use it as a spam tool!

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