How to add labels to my Blogger posts?


Do you want to add labels to your Blogger posts? That can easily be done, just follow these simple instructions.

First of all you need to visit and log in to your account. Once logged in you just steer your way to the blog and to the blog post you would like to edit. Once inside the blog post editor you will see the window where you can write and edit the actual text of your post on the left side.

labels in blogger

Add labels in Blogger under the blog settings and labels

On the right side of the window you can find the Post settings. The first option you can edit are the Labels. Press the labels button and add the labels or keywords you would like to add to your blog post. You can separate the labels with a comma, meaning that if you have written a blog post about your recent holiday to Hawaii you can use labels similar to these: Hawaii, Holiday, Pure heaven, Beach, Swimming, I wanna go back

Once finished press the done button and press the Update button in the blog post editing tool. When you visit your blog again you should be able to see that the keywords/labels have been added to your blog post.

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