How to create a Blogger blog?


To create a blog is the easiest thing in the world. It gets harder when you want to keep your blog fresh and draw visitors to your site. Still, in this little post we will tell you how to create a Blogger blog and have it online in less than five minutes from now.

If you have a Google account it will all happen very smoothly. If you do not have a Google Account yet it will take 2 minutes more than if you had one already, but that should not cause to much trouble for you.

Get started with Blogger

The most important step when you want to create a Blogger blog is to visit If you are already logged in with your Google account then you will be sent on to a Blogger page where you will need to make a decision whether you want to use your Google+ profile or if you want to create a limited Blogger profile (the latter is useful if you want to blog anonymously or if you do not want to blog using your real name). Once you have made your choice you will be sent to a page where you get an overview of your blogs.

Add a new blog in Blogger

Add a new blog in Blogger by pressing the Add blog button

Add your blog

The most important option for you is then to find the “New Blog” option. Once you press the New Blog button you can add your blogs title and you can also get suggestions for what your future blog address will be. If you want to create a log named “Make the world a better place” then the system will sometimes automatically suggest the following address for your blog:

Give your blog a name and an address

Give your blog a name as you create your Blogger blog

You can of course decide for yourself what you want the address to be (it just needs to be free). It can be wise to let the title and the address of your blog contain some of the main keywords for your blog.

The next thing you need to do is to choose a template. You only get to choose from a small amount of templates during the installation, but you will be able to change and to choose from many more templates later.

Add your first post to Blogger

Your blog has now been created and you are ready to post your first post. Back in the Blogger overview you can press the Get started posting button or press the pencil to create your first blog post. Add a title and write some text and press publish. Your first blog post is now online and you could start sharing the word about your blog post on Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. If you have used Word before you will recognize most of the text formatting icons, so you can easily make texts bold, italic, underlined or add other effects.

Good luck with your Blogger blog and keep coming back for further advises on how to get the most out of your Blogger blog.


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