How to get an IP address in Sweden?

Sweden is a nation with a beautiful location on the map in the northern part of Europe. Maybe you have lived there, or maybe you have never had your feet on Swedish ground, but if you keep on reading you will find out how you can virtually reside in Sweden and get hold of an IP address in Sweden.

Sweden is well known for great music, and famous groups such as Ace of Base, Roxette and ABBA origin from Sweden. In addition Sweden is the home of great candy and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 (Euphoria). If you like the sound of this and would like to virtually live or stay in Sweden, then you need a Swedish IP address.

What is a Swedish IP address useful for?

The most common reasons for wanting to get hold of a Swedish IP address is to be able to watch, listen and to read blocked content. This is typically happening when someone from Sweden move abroad or travel abroad for some time and when they try to watch SVT, TV4 or movie channels such as Netflix and Viaplay online, they get the message that it is impossible due to copyright problems. Maybe this is your reason as well, or maybe it is something completely different. Anyway, here comes the solution!

Get an IP address in Sweden using VPN

If you want to get a Swedish IP address you should prepare to pay a little bit of money for it. There are some free options available, but these are very unstable and at least if you want to watch some TV program it can be really frustrating if some proxy server you found somewhere suddenly stops working or so on. A VPN is very different, because it is a stable and trustworthy solution which lets you connect to a server in Sweden. This connection encrypts your steps on the Internet and once you are in contact with and connected to the VPN server in Sweden all your actions will seem to originĀ  from Sweden, and not from your actual location.

If you want to watch live streaming and TV shows online, you better find a VPN provider in Sweden with great speeds. Luckily we have done the work for you and tested different VPN providers. Based on our tests we can recommend HideMyAss as the best VPN provider in Sweden at the moment. They have very nice prices, especially if you sign up for a 1 year subscription, they have several servers in Sweden and good speeds.



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