If you want to be happy: Speak good words!

Inspirational Monday

We all want to be happy, but not everyone is willing to take the necessary steps to reach happiness. God has given us an instruction book full of information on how to be happy, and here comes one important lesson on how to be happy!

Speak good words to be happy

Read this Bible verse from 1 Peter 3:10 and understand more what I mean.

[stextbox id=”info”]Whoever would love life and see good days
must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech.[/stextbox]

Get the message? Read the verse once more! If you want to love life and see good days, speak good words! Keep your tongue from speaking evil and keep your tongue from speaking negativity.

How we often fool ourselves into speaking bad words

Speak positive wordsOften we believe that if we speak good words about ourselves, then it will be enough to give us good days. That is however how we are fooled. When you feel bad about your boss and about someone in your surroundings, it feels good to speak bad about them and to chat negative words behind their backs. This is how you are fooled. You believe that it has a good effect on you when you backbite, but the truth is that it will not bring happiness and joy, but rather sadness and sorrow.

If you want to love life and see good days, it is not enough to speak good words concerning yourself. You need to cleanse your tongue and your mind and start speaking good words, in all directions. Exchange the words of doubt with faith, exchange the words of negativity with positive words and complaining with ideas to create a change.

Try it, and see how the Bible and the true Word of God wants to help you in all areas of your life! God loves you and he wants you to be happy, so follow his instructions; also his instructions concerning how to speak.

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