How to remove automatic featured images from blog posts and pages?


Featured images can be really useful and one of our favorite plugins in WordPress is Easy Add Thumnbails. This plugin will take a picture that you add to an article and automatically add it as a featured image to a post, saving you much time and energy. In addition it will automatically add featured images to old articles.

But, there is one thing that can be very annoying, and that is when your WordPress theme automatically add a featured image to your blog posts or blog pages. Maybe you want your image placed to the right in the start of the article, and that is nice, but in addition your theme adds your featured image in the start of the article centered. That is not so cool, and that is why I simply want to answer in this article how to remove automatic featured images from blogs posts and pages. It might feel a bit technical, but it is really simple and easy, so just follow these steps!

Remove featured images from blog pages

I am writing this because I just added a page to this blog and then I noticed that the featured image was automatically added, and I wanted to get rid of it. Here are the steps I made to get rid of the featured image.

  1. Press Appearance and Editor.
  2. Make sure that your current theme is the one set to edit (by default it opens the theme you are currently using).
  3. Look for file page.php to edit and open it.
    1. Some themes do not add the featured image code to page.php, so for example in the theme we are currently using on HowToBlogInfo we have to open the file content-page.php
remove featured image from WordPress theme

Do you see the sinner? The arrow is pointing in the direction of the code that needs to be removed to get rid of the auto added featured image from your WordPress theme.

If you take a look at the picture above you will see the code which tells the theme to automatically display the featured image on WordPress pages. To get rid of the featured image you simply need to take the following line and remove it. You can of course remove the entire PHP code as well, but removed the code on display is more than enough.

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Remove the following code from your source code”]<div><?php the_post_thumbnail(‘full-width’); ?></div>[/stextbox]

Remove featured images from blog posts

To remove featured images from blog posts you just follow the same steps, but you need to remove the code from either single.php or in the theme current here on HowToBlogInfo it would be content-single.php. This might differ from theme to theme, but in general these steps should be enough to solve the problem for you, hopefully!

Good luck, and please let us know if this article has blessed you!

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