How to make cool boxes with “join my mailing list”?


Do you have a mailing list, but want some more people to sign up? Or maybe you are about to create your first mailing list and want people to easily notice your mailing list and easily sign up? There are several tools out there on the market, but here you can read more about our favorite combination.

First of all, to get a mailing list going you do not necessarily need a very special plugin. To start with I would simply download Wysija (MailPoet) and that is a brilliant and free tool that will give your mailing list life a flying start. It is free until 2000 subscribers, so for most people the free version will be enough. It is though true, that you can have a great mailing list, but you need to make people want to sign up and join. That is when you need to make cool boxes and graphics that will make it easier to join and more tempting to subscribe to your mailing list. That is where a plugin named Hybrid Connect comes in!

Cool “join my mailing list” buttons!

It is only a week ago since we first started to use Hybrid Connect on some of the webpages we work with and administer. We visited the Hybrid Connect website, paid the fee for the plugin and got started. In the start it felt quite hard and complicated, but inside the plugin you find small instruction films always guiding you and telling you what to do to reach your goal, so after using some 30-60 minutes we felt like we understood the plugin, and since then it has just been a joy. It has tons of cool templates already included and very advanced opportunities to make things look exactly the way you want them to look. The name Hybrid also means that it includes a chance for people to either sign up to your mailing list using either their Facebook profile, or by entering their email address. There are many ways of doing this, and we have an upcoming article on how to use Hybrid Connect, so come back in a few days to read that and to get to know even more about the specifics and how to use Hybrid Connect!


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