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A Fubo TV Premier review

Fubo TV just changed a whole lot, and with the new Premier package one can stream all sorts of football/soccer and so much more on Fubo TV. Is it worth the money? As you might know, I am writing this article in Europe. My main focus of concern if football/soccer, meaning that my main reason

A Crenova XPE460 projector review

A while back I didn’t even know that mini projectors existed. Then I suddenly discovered them on Amazon, and recently I laid my hands on my very own Crenova XPE460 projector. Curious to find out whether I like it or not? Read my Crenova XPE460 projector review for more information. It was around Christmas when

God’s Not Dead 2 review

I know I am late publishing this article, but since I recently finally got to watch Gods Not Dead 2, I thought I should publish a movie review anyway. As you might remember I wrote a God’s Not Dead review after watching the original movie. I really liked it and felt as if it was

A review of the Harbinger series

I am a big fan of Frank Peretti and that is why I was very eager to read the Harbinger series as I first heart about it. As I write this review I have read the first five books in the Harbinger series. If you have heard about the Harbinger series then you will know

An Unconditional review

I like watching all sorts of films, but there is nothing like a good Christian film. Recently I watched Unconditional from 2012, and here is my Unconditional review. If you want to watch the film then you can find it on DVD and as an Instant Video on I did not know to much