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The Awakening review
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I recently read my first Angela Hunt book ever and the title of the book was The Awakening. I was not sure in the start whether I liked it or not, but at least I finished. Here is my The Awakening review.

I first heard of Angela Hunt as I read the Harbinger series (read my Harbinger series review here). I then thought I should get to know the writers behind the Harbinger series better and that is why I visited Amazon.com and made a search for Angela Hunt. I then by coincidence ended up with The Awakening without knowing really anything about the book or the author. Well, here I am writing my The Awakening review, just about to share my thoughts on the book with you!

The Awakening – a time travel

The Awakening reviewI haven’t read to many books, so I am not at all like Aurora Rose Norquest in the book who reads a couple of books or more every single week. But, I have read some books and The Awakening, especially the start of the book, made me feel as if I was reading one of those old classics from the 19th century. It was slow at pace, full of descriptions and I felt as if I really got to know Aurora really close up. This was very different from the fast pace books i tend to read instead, so after reading the first chapters I did not feel sure if I would actually finish the book or not. I liked it, but the the same time it was boring. But, I did not give up, and after finishing the book I am really happy that I didn’t, because now I sit with a feeling that I have really read a masterpiece and a book that many people will love, maybe especially women.

It is very special to meet Aurora Norquest, a girl who has been “locked” inside for years helping her sick (and dying) mother and at the same time keeping her safely away from the dangerous world out there. But, as her mother dies she suddenly has to wake up, grab a hold of her life and that is harder said than done. Luckily a good friend of the family named Clara is there to help her all the time, and a new neighbor named Phil is also getting a bigger and bigger role in the book.

One of the central themes of the book is how Aurora was abandoned by her father before she was even born, but based on the words of her mother and Clara her father was a terrible person and they never even let him close to his daughter, and after the death of her mother Clara keeps on telling her to stay far away from her father… and maybe she should be careful with Phil as well?

The story catches you more and more

The start of the book was slow at pace, but after a slow start the story develops in a faster speed and it gets easier to read, and not just easier, but also more and more interesting. How will Aurora manage life on her own? What will happen with her relationship to her father?

The Awakening is a book that raises questions, but it also teaches us a lot about life, about love and about God, without actually trying to teach… it teaches just by being a book and I greatly enjoyed it. Now I am curious whether or not I will enjoy my next Angela Hunt book just as much as I enjoyed The Awakening.

If you have read this book as well please use a minute or two to write your thoughts on the book using the comment field beneath!

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