What is the administration fee when booking a flight ticket at WizzAir.com?

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Have you ever tried to book an airplane ticket with the low-cost airline WizzAir? It might sound cheap, but the price is often getting higher when you add some luggage and maybe even reserve a seat. But, everything is fine until you get to the paying page. Now you suddenly discover a brand new cost that you haven’t seen before – the so-called administration fee. What is it all about?

The low-cost airlines hide fees everywhere, and the administration fee from WizzAir is a quite new thing that just comes out of nowhere. It is not the airport tax, nor a fee for a seat, nor anything else. It is annoying, because it just shows up.

wizzair administration fee

What is the WizzAir administration fee?

Now, there is no answer given to the question really, so I guess we just have to believe what the title of the fee is… an administration fee. This is an extra fee you pay to WizzAir for booking a ticket. Maybe you can call it a system fee, something you pay to keep the systems alive. No matter what, it is completely stupid, but it is there, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Or?

Is there a way to get rid of the WizzAir administration fee?

What is the logic to this? There is a way to get rid of it (at least at the moment), and that is if you do your booking using the WizzAir application on your mobile device. Based on personal experience, this will remove the fee.

What is the logic? You use the same system, and you book using a developed WizzAir application! Does that mean you use less administration? Not at all!

No matter what, currently booking through the WizzAir application seems to remove the administration fee. If you just book through wizzair.com, you will have to pay it, no matter if you like it or not!

Have you tried it? What is your experience? Have a good flight and take care!


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