Will Lewis Hamilton win everything again in 2020?

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I am not a big fan of Formula 1 races, but in 2019, I actually watched a couple of them, and it wasn’t really that bad. In fact, if you start watching and paying attention, it is easy to be sucked in by the speeds, the adrenaline, and the action.

I remember watching the Formula 1 race at Hungaroring in 2019. It was so interesting to see how Lewis Hamilton was placed 2nd for so many rounds. I really hoped that some other driver would win the race, but then, in a matter of a few seconds, he suddenly pressed the gas, and he was way in front of the one who had led the race all the way until then. It all happened so fast. And yes, that is what makes this such an interesting sport. It can almost be compared to biathlon, where anything can happen until the last shooting. A person might lead all the way through, but if he misses some targets on the last standing series, he might still lose the gold medal! And yes, a driver only needs to make a tiny mistake for the winning position to be lost. The margins are small in the world of Formula 1.

Will Lewis Hamilton win it all again in 2020?

Will Hamilton win it all again in 2020?

But, let us return to Lewis Hamilton again. Will he win all the races in 2020 as well? I for sure hope not. He didn’t win all the races in 2019, but it became very clear early in the season that he was likely to win the overall competition of the races in 2019. And to be honest, that is quite boring. I like it when things change, and when different people win. That is why I often cheer for everyone else in Nordic Skiing competitions than the Norwegians, simply because it is extremely boring when the Norwegian Vikings win it all.

For example, last weekend I saw a topic that told me there were 7 Norwegians among the 8 best skiers in a competition. That is just destroying the sport and the interest in what’s going on. Of course, Lewis Hamilton is only one driver, but it all becomes so much more interesting when lots of drivers are fighting at the top. In other words, I clearly hope that Lewis Hamilton will lose more races in 2020.

I might consider Vettel to be my personal favorite, but in general, I would say – anyone, just not Hamilton!

Lucky me, I live in Hungary, and here it is possible to watch the Formula 1 races online for free at M4 (the official state channel). If you live outside Hungary, you can still stream the Formula 1 races on M4 in Hungary online, you just need to use a VPN in order to do so.

Do you have a favorite for the Formula 1 2020 season?

When will the races be arranged in 2020?

The season will open on March 15th with the Australian Grand Prix. To me, March 15th is more about the Hungarian national day, not really that much celebrated, but still a day off in Hungary, but in 2020, it will be about speed and driving as the Formula 1 pilots get ready to fight at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne.

The most interesting race might be the Hungarian Grand Prix, arranged at Hungaroring outside Budapest on August 2nd.

And then, the final race will be held in Abu Dhabi on November 29th in 2020. When that race is over, it is time to buy some Christmas presents and to relax for some months before the show starts over again in March 2021.

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