Why is an article having a “red side” on Reddit? Why is the border red?

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I recently discovered something and had a question related to using Reddit. I was posting an article and after I had published it, it showed up with a red border on the right side. I had no clue what it meant, but after doing some further digging, I discovered the trouble.

Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/reddit-com-vote-comment-submit-1007072/

There are many communities on Reddit. There are communities for those looking for the Best VPN for Netflix, communities for those in love with Vechain, and for those who want to play Firewall Zero Hour on their Playstation… and so many more. But, if you are the administrator of a community, then you might actually see the red border when you open the article, or when you open articles published by others. Do you know why?

For some reason, Reddit has flagged the article, maybe because it seems to be spam, it includes dangerous links, affiliate links, or some other content they don’t necessarily like. As a result, the way to get rid of the red border is by simply approving the article. It is easy to approve, just go to the front page of the community and press approve. The job is done!

At least, that is what worked for me!


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