Make the most out of every guest post you write


Make the most of your guest postsWhen you want to write a guest post we often look for the most popular blogs to do so. The best is of course if you can write a guest post in a blog with thousands of readers, but it isn’t always easy to get your blog posts through. But, do not despite a blog post in a little and not so important blog.

As the Business and Faith blog was launched in December it started like all other pages with Page Rank 0. And I must admit that trying to get guest posts published elsewhere felt quite hard since all I had to show myself was a Page Rank 0 blog. Still, I did my best and wrote quite a lot of articles that I sent around. I did some other moves as well to hopefully get some authority to my page, but I did a lot of work to get the most out of every single guest post I write.

Write some great guest posts

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to write a great post. If you would not publish the post in your own blog, do not expect anyone else to publish it.

Would you be interested in reading more articles from the same author after reading the article you want to have published somewhere else? That is kind of the goal, to make people curious about the author and come to your blog later for similar articles.

Guest posts is a great way to get good incoming links, and that might be the most important as you write guest posts for not so influential blogs. But, a link from a blog with Page Rank 1 or 2 or 3, what is the use of that? That is when you need to make sure that you get people to read your guest post. Make sure to create some good links to your guest post, share it in social networks and make sure that other people do so. Because in the end your guest post will itself get a Page Rank 1 or 2, and to have a direct link from a page with Page Rank 1 or 2 is quite sweet in fact. And that is very much what made it possible for Business and Faith to get a Page Rank 3 after only two months online. You can read more about incoming links and how to get the most out of them as you click on the URL.

Write a guest post here

Are you ready to write a guest post yourself? Why not write a guest post here at Business and Faith? We are open for articles about blogging, SEO, leadership, faith, devotionals and similar topics. We do promote all articles posted in our blog, and if you do the same, it might bring you some new visitors and help you improve the authority of your blog!

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