How to show related posts in a Wordpress blog?


We all want to have our visitors stay for a longer time at our blogs. A great way of making this happen is to show related posts to the blog post the visitor is actually reading. But, how can you show such related posts in a WordPress blog?

Yet again the answer to the question is a plugin. There are tons of plugins out there helping you to show related posts, but most of them are lame and not working to good. But, some plugins are great and can be warmly recommended. As you visit our How to Blog Info you will notice the related posts beneath every article you read and the plugin we are using is working perfectly and should do so for you as well.

nrelate related content
related content in wordpress blogThe name of the plugin we are using is relate Related Content. This is a great tool which will give you great freedom in how you want the related posts area to look like, how much text you want to show and it also gives you the chance of earning money if you allow some commercial related posts to show up in your blog.

In our blog we are using the standard version of the related posts function, but feel free to customize to give your related posts a different look with the related content plugin.

related posts on how to blog info

This is what the related content plugin looks like on How to Blog Info

The plugin gives great freedom meaning that you can decide whether you want the related content to be shown before or after the article. You can also use a shortcode to include it yourself on special places in posts or pages. All information about your website is stored on the nRelate server, meaning that this plugin will not cause extra traffic for your page and server. All in all a great tool for those looking for an option on how to show related content in a WordPress blog.

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