How to remove “WP Forum Server by ForumPress | LucidCrew”


There are lots of cool forums available for WordPress users out there, and one of tose is WP Forum Server. However, you might find the “WP Forum Server by ForumPress | LucidCrew” text annoying, and this is how you can remove it from your forum.

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Following the WP Forum Server by ForumPress | LucidCrew text you will also find information about the version and the time it took to load the site. Get prepared to remove them all from your forum!

WP Forum Server by ForumPress removed

Make this information disappear from your forum

Remove the footer from the WP Forum Server

To remove the “footer” from your plugin visit the Plugins – Editor inside your WordPress admin tool. Choose the WP Forum Server and find the forum-server/wpf.class.php.

Look for the following code:

[stextbox id=”grey”]if ($forum_instance === false) {
$this->o .= “<div id=’wpf-info’><small>
“.__(“WP Forum Server by “, “vasthtml”).”<a href=’’>ForumPress</a> | <a href=’’ title=’austin web design’>LucidCrew</a> <br />
“.__(“Version:”, “vasthtml”).$this->get_version().”;

To remove the entire footer you can simple delete this entire section and save the file. However, I would recommend that you make some sort of backup before doing so, just in case something does not work out the way it is supposed to. Once you have deleted this section, visit your forum again, and that message should be removed by now. Be aware of the fact that if you later update your plugin that message will keep coming back, and you will need to remove it manually again!

Hope it works out for you guys! Good luck!

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