How to fix “mrutosvopkptdekiirrq” in Wordpress?


Earlier today as I wanted to publish a new blog post the pictures didn’t want to show up. I added the pictures both in the visual- and text editor, but they didn’t show up. Looking at the code added some special code was added: “mrutosvopkptdekiirrq.”

mrutosvopkptdekiirrq in WordPress source code

Writing this article I tried to upload the picture above, and then the error had disappeared and luckily everything was working fine again. The question is still, why did the mrutosvopkptdekiirrq show up in the code, and if it shows up, what can you do to remove it?

At the moment I am still struggling a bit with this, because the text seems to be automatically added, even when removing it, but if anyone else know this problem, has solved it, or if I solve it myself, I will write!

Update 1: I have been able to fix the problem in the post in which I struggled with this error code, or whatever you call it. I am not sure why the problem arose and that code was added, but to me the solution was deleting the pictures I had added from the source code. I then edited the pictures and saved them with a new name, uploaded them again and then it was working. The sign that adding the media was successful was the fact that the source code looked like normal, and the mrutosvopkptdekiirrq was not to be found anywhere.

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