How to delete a scheduled email from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great tool and it is possible to make the tool send you reports directly to your email telling you how many visitors you have coming by and lots of other information. The problem is though if you have such emails coming and you want to remove them, how can that be done?

The answer is very easy, however personally I spent at least 15 minutes just looking around inside the Google Analytics tool before I found the solution. I guess I need to eat more carrot, but in the end I found it. If you have the same problem and would like to delete a scheduled email from Google Analytics, then you need to do the following.

How to delete a scheduled email from Google Analytics?

Once you enter into Google Analytics, select the profile from which you send the scheduled email that you want to delete. Once this is done, press the “Admin” button.

Google Scheduled email

Once you have found this screen it is really a piece of cake to fix the problem. Now all you need to do is to scroll down on the site and within seconds you will notice “Scheduled emails.”

Scheduled Google Analytics email

Press the link and you will now be able to see all scheduled email reports and here you can modify and delete and do whatever you want to them. Really easy, but annoying if you are not able to find it and remove them!

In the scheduled reports you receive from Google Analytics there is a link if you want to stop receiving such reports. You can click this, but be aware that it will block all future scheduled email reports as well, so not the best solution if you simply want to remove one out of many reports, and not simply block all incoming emails from Google Analytics.

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