How to automatically add links to bbPress forum posts?


It is very important to have good internal links inside your website. If you have tons of bbPress forum posts without any internal links it is good, but it could be even better if you had some links from the forum posts pointing to your own articles and pages. How can this be done?

The answer is yet another time a plugin. Before searching for an answer to this question we had used a plugin named SEO Smart Links which automatically add links to existing posts and pages in WordPress blogs. It was also here possible to modify and tell the plugin to link to special sites for special texts (not similar to the actual post or page title). Unfortunately the plugin did not work for bbPress, which meant that it did not make automatic links for posts in the bbPress forum. Therefore we had to look on, and luckily a solution showed up.

Almost SEO Smart Links

As we looked and search for a plugin that could help us add links to bbPress forum posts automatically we found SEO Smart Links +. Everything that makes it different in the title from the one we had used earlier was a +. But, if you want to automatically add links to bbPress posts that + turns out to be important, because if you install and activate this plugin you will notice that once activated, links will automatically be added to pages, posts and forum posts in your blog. You can create special links for special keywords also in this plugin, which means that this can be a powerful tool to create great internal links on your site. It can also be used to create external links and the plugin lets you make all automatically created outgoing links turn into nofollow links, if you want them to be nofollow.

SEO Smart Links +

I just tried this myself and it worked out perfectly for me. If you have tried it, write a comment and share your experience. If you have other insight and advises on the subject, write a comment as well!

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