How to change Facebook preview of my url?


It has probably happened to you lots of times already. You share a link on Facebook, only to discover the thumbnail is wrong or the description is wrong. Or Facebook did not read your link properly, and now nothing shows up when you want to share it. How can you force Facebook to fix this problem?

We have had this problem lots of times ourselves, and when you have finished an article and you stand there ready to publish it and let it go viral then it can be incredibly annoying when Facebook do not want to share you URL the way you want it to happen. Here you will find three solutions as to how you can fix the problem and make Facebook show your URL and preview your site the way you want it to look.

Three ways to change Facebook preview of my URL

  1. Wait until Facebook automatically empties its cache

    Once an URL has been shared on Facebook it is added to the cache of the site, and will therefore show up the same way in the near future. That is why an URL you share that shows up wrong the first time, will look the same way in 1 hour from now, even though you change the original article. Once every 24th hour Facebook deletes its cache, and that means that if you wait 24 hours you should be able to share your URL again and it should look properly when you do it over again.

  2. Use an URL shortener to change Facebook preview

    Another way to fix the problem is to copy your URL into an URL shortener, such as Take the shortened URL and paste it into Facebook, and it should now bring up a new preview of your site, and hopefully it looks more beautiful and better this time.

  3. Use the Facebook debugger to refresh Facebook preview

    This is maybe the best solution. Visit the Facebook Debugger, paste your URL, and luckily it does not used the cached version of your URL here, but it checks with your site every single time. Copy your url to the debugger, and if everything seems to be correct, return to Facebook and share the URL there. It should now look just the way you want it to look!

Change the look of your Facebook preview

Use Facebook Debugger to change the Facebook preview of your URL

Hope these instructions can help you to make Facebook change the way the preview of your URL looks. If you have further problems or advices, write a comment! We look forward to hearing from you!

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