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How to count Facebook likes with Facebook reactions?

One of the first questions I asked myself after the introduction of Facebook reactions yesterday was; how will Facebook likes be counted with all sorts of reactions available? As bloggers and people who work online we know that social activity is one out of many factors that impact your SERP, that is search engine ranking

Now you can dislike on Facebook

Have you seen it? I just noticed that you can now do much more than just like posts on Facebook. You can also show a heart or dislike it. Find out how to dislike on Facebook and much more! If you see a post you like on Facebook and put your mouse over the like

Why do I need a Facebook page?

Everyone is on Facebook and you will meet Facebook in conversations on the bus, on the train or in the news an in the latest Hollywood films. Maybe you love Facebook, maybe you hate Facebook or maybe you do not have special feelings related to Facebook. But a question you may ask yourself is why