Why do I need a Facebook page?

Why do I need a Facebook page

Everyone is on Facebook and you will meet Facebook in conversations on the bus, on the train or in the news an in the latest Hollywood films. Maybe you love Facebook, maybe you hate Facebook or maybe you do not have special feelings related to Facebook. But a question you may ask yourself is why do I need a Facebook page?

If you consider getting yourself a Facebook page, then this article is for you as I will do my best to explain you what a Facebook page is needed and to nail it down to your personal need. Hopefully you will in a few minutes from now know whether you need a Facebook page or not!

Why do I need a Facebook page

You can find Siggiblog on Facebook as well. But, do you need a Facebook page?

The difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile

It is important that you know the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile. To create a Facebook page you will need to have a Facebook profile. Your profile is your personal and private account where you get friends and keep contact with the people around you. For most people a Facebook profile is what you already have and probably all you need.

Somebody said that I need a Facebook page. Is that true? Why do I need a Facebook page?

Lots of people say lots of things, but if someone told you that you need a Facebook page, the question is why. Let me ask you some questions that will help us find an answer to the question.

  • Are you an important person that want a Facebook page dedicated to your person without making friends etc. A simple page where you can share information about yourself to people around the world interested in you, but you do not want to befriend them with your very own Facebook profile. A Facebook page is for you!
  • Do you have a business or maybe a website that you want to be present at Facebook? Do you want grow a community around your business or blog and create a platform where you can easily reach fans and customers? A Facebook page is for you!
  • Are you working on a project only for some special person and want to keep contact easily on Facebook? You should not create a page, but instead created a Facebook group and keep it closed.

To make it simple, a Facebook page is for those who want to create a platform or a community where everyone can join and get information about your business, your blog, your project, your very own person or some other celebrity you work with.

Why do I need a Facebook page? Answered!

The question has now been answered. But, how do I create that Facebook page? If you want to create a Facebook page then you can simply visit the following site which is for creating pages on Facebook.

If you have any further reasons for creating a Facebook page or maybe negatives about creating one, share your insight in a comment beneath! Feel free also to follow the Siggiblog.com Facebook page and be a part of the community!

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