Can I earn money on my blog?

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A while back a friend of mine asked med the following question on Twitter: „Will u earn money on this blog? What are your business means?” These questions are general questions others might have as well, so here comes a short answer.

It is possible to earn money blogging?
Earn money on my blogAs a blogger and a blog owner it is absolutely possible to earn money. Not many people earn enough money on their blog to live from it, but if you have a website where you sell products, eBooks and services, a blog can help that page get even more visitors and increase the revenue in total. The updated content of your blog will attract new visitors and make old visitors return regularly to get the latest updates. If someone follows your blog for a longer period of time, trust is built, and people will rather buy a product from someone they trust than from a stranger. All companies with a static website should add a blog to keep a closer dialogue with their fans and to give out needed information to those looking for it.

So far I have only mentioned a blog as a help to sell business products. What about someone who only have a blog and no real products to sell? Is it possible for them to earn money as well, only blogging? If you are talented and have a passion for what you do, there are no limitations. How to do so? You can read more about that in my article: How can I earn money on my blog?

Will I earn money on my Business and Faith blog?
The answer is probably yes. At the moment the answer is no, but in the future I guess I will get income from this blog as well. Still, my main goal with the blog is not to earn a lot of money, but to share my heart, share what I have learned and to give on of the blessings God has given me. With time ads will show up on the page and they will bring income. I will also write articles about Internet products and services that I have found useful. Some of the websites I will refer to offer commission for referred customers, and thus readers who follow my advices in the future will help me earn money as I help them with good advices. But, I will never refer to something only because of the money. I will only recommend products and services that I can recommend with a pure heart!

This was the answer dealing with my blog. Now, if you want to earn money on your blog, read the following article: How to earn money blogging?

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