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Can I earn money on my blog?

A while back a friend of mine asked med the following question on Twitter: „Will u earn money on this blog? What are your business means?” These questions are general questions others might have as well, so here comes a short answer. It is possible to earn money blogging? As a blogger and a blog

Are you hungry for more?

Many people strive for greatness and we all want victories in our lives. As we long to lead others and to influence lots of people an important question is still how we are leading ourselves? The quote from Harry S. Truman is an important place to start. If you want to be a leader you

Should I write a blog?

If you wonder whether you should write a blog or not, keep on reading. There are quite some questions worth asking yourself before starting that deals with motivation, skills, time and expectations, Let’s get started! To write a blog is enjoyable. If you do not like writing and if you do not like putting your