What keywords to optimize for? SEO Wednesday

SEO Wednesday

Laptop battery - Long tail keywordsWhat can I do to get more visitors to my website? In my first SEO Wednesday article I will write some thoughts on what you can do to improve your ranking with Google and get high quality traffic to your website.

When discussing the subject of SEO a frequently used word is „keyword(s)”. What are the most important keywords for which you want to have a good ranking in Google? If you do not know what those keywords are, and you do not even understand the question, you will probably find out that you do not rank especially well for anything at all. How come?

Let us pretend that you are about to start a new web shop selling laptop batteries. There are thousands of pages on the internet dealing with exactly this subject. Why should Google let your site dominate the search results when there are so many to choose between? That is why you need to focus on some special keywords for which you want to specialize and get a good ranking in Google. After thinking some minutes you therefore say: „I want to rank as number one for the keywords Laptop batteries.” My immediate response would be: „Good luck.” There are hundreds of thousands of people searching for laptop battery, laptop batteries and similar keywords in Google every single month. The competition is extremely high and it will cost you loads of money and lots of work to get somewhere near the top ten in this competition.

Another minus if you target the keyword laptop batteries is the fact that you do not really know what the person is looking for. They might look for something you do not even have in your register and with such general keywords there is a fairly high risk that you might get lots of visitors, but few visitors who really buy the products you have to offer.

Long tail keywords

Imagine that instead of specializing at Laptop batteries you go through your register and check what kind of batteries you have for sale. Let us say that you have a battery suitable for a Dell Inspiron N5010 (that is the laptop I am currently working on). Using the keyword tool location in Google AdWords I soon find out that the current phrase is search for almost 5000 times a month in Google: „dell inspiron n5010 battery.” What is the big difference? While it takes much time and effort to get a good ranking for laptop batteries, it is much easier to get a good ranking for the mentioned long tail keyword. What is the different between the two strategies? With the utter one you will get traffic looking for exactly what you have to offer. You will therefore get a much higher conversion rate and hopefully make good money!

If you have a shop located at a geographical location, then it could be wise to add this into the keywords you specialize for. In that way the people near your location will be drawn to your site as they see the location you are located and that you have exactly what they are looking for.

This was just a very basic introduction to the subject on working with keywords to get a better ranking in Google and increase quality traffic to your site. We will come back with more articles later. If you want to check out the Google keyword tool we mentioned earlier, visit Google AdWords. You might need to login and make an account if you do not already have one, but once this is made, the tool is free to use!

Next week in SEO Wednesday I will come back with more information about how to optimize your webpage for a certain keyword. See you then!

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