What is a Steem token worth to you?

steem token worth to you

Today I will not write about any special quote from a celebrity. Instead, I would like to ask what a Steem token is worth to you?

As I am writing this article, I am expecting it to get a certain amount of upvotes on Steemit, and with the current value of Steem, be worth around 1 USD. Since it is published using SteemPress, and with all curator fees, I will end up earning around 0,75 SP and 0,75 Steem because of this article. In other words, a total of 1,5 Steem. With today’s value that should be around 0,6 USD or something like that. That isn’t a lot, is it?

steem token worth to you

How much is the Steem token worth to you?

There is, however, one little thing in my head. A Steem token is worth much more to me. When I write an article and see that I earn 1,5 Steem token for creating it, in my mind, the Steem token is worth 5 Dollar. And then it isn’t so bad anymore! If I write two such articles in one day, it is already more than 10 USD in a day.

It all deals with perspective. When I look at the prices of Steem and the other currencies, I see a temporary price that is deemed to go up sometime in the future! Right now I am working without seeing the big results, but on the inside, I see a totally different picture. And that is what keeps me going on days when I do not feel like writing and when I feel it like a waste of time to spend 30 minutes a day writing an article which gives me a profit near 0,60 USD with today’s value.

What about you? What makes you write new articles and stay pumped up about the Steemit platform and the Steem token?

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