How to remove a Twitter account from HootSuite?

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HootSuiteI am a frequent user of HootSuite, but recently I faced a little challenge as I tried to remove one of my social media account, as I had reached the max amount of 50 Social Media account, but somehow I had a little challenge removing the Twitter accounts. How can that be done?

The reason that it was a bit harder to remove the HootSuite allowed Twitter accounts was the fact that Google+ and Facebook accounts can simply be added or removed as you log in to give access to any other Facebook or Google+ account on HootSuite. With Twitter it works in a different way, because every single Twitter account is related to a different account, meaning that you can not gain access to several Twitter accounts with one username and password. So, how can I remove a Twitter account from HootSuite easily?

It is really easy, and the key is to go to the menu on the left and click on your name on the top. Once you have clicked your name you will see an overview of all accounts connected to your account, and if you click on any of them you will quickly see the “Remove” button, and thus you can remove all or only one Twitter account from your HootSuite account easily..

Hope this have helped you. If you want to know more about how to use HootSuite, read the following article. It is a perfect tool if you want to schedule posts to social media accounts, and in fact HootSuite knows better than you when a post is most likely to get the attention of other users, so in that way you can make sure that even more people get to see and hear what is on your heart as you post to social media using HootSuite.


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