How to schedule your social media updates?

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Do you have lots of things to share on social media? Would you like to publish your stuff on special times? But, instead of waiting for the exact time you would like to schedule it, so that it will happen automatically?

schedule social media updatesSome weeks ago we wrote an article about how to use HootSuite? If you have not read the article yet, I recommend that you take a look at it at once. In that article we explained how to use this tool that will help you organize all your social media profiles, and not only organize your profiles, but it will help you share what is going on to several of these sites and profiles with one single mouse click (instead of visiting all the sites manually). Even better, you can also schedule your messages, either automatically (letting HootSuite pick a suitable time for you), or you can set the date and time for yourself. It is really easy, and can be a really helpful tool if you know when your readers and visitors and your fans are online. In that way you can publish your news at the most popular and trafficated times of the day, and thus reach the highest impact with every single social media move that you do online.

There are other similar tools, for example Buffer, but after trying both we have remained faithful to HootSuite. A subscription cost 10 USD a month if you want to add more than 5 social media profiles, but trust me, it is worth it and it will save you incredible amounts of time, energy and frustration.

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