How to make GRUB auto load Windows upon booting?


If you are using Ubuntu and Windows side by side you will meet Grub every time you start the computer. You will be asked whether you want to load Ubuntu, Windows or maybe some other option every time you start your computer.

If you are like me, you use Windows in 90% of the cases and you only use Ubuntu in 10% of the cases. If so, you will want Grub to auto load Windows after let us say 10 seconds of waiting, if you do not change or load Ubuntu manually. But, how can that be done? This is the way I fixed it!

Use Grub Customizer

Next time you load Ubuntu go into the Ubuntu Software Center. There you can search for Grub Customizer. Download it and once downloaded, run the program. Here you can see at first all options available upon start up. You will want to go to the General Settings. There you can add a default entry, in your case make it Windows. You can also set up how long time you want Grub to wait before it will auto load the default value (in this case Windows). Just save the options and next time you restart your computer you will face these new options and hopefully it will happen exactly the way you want it to.

Making Windows run automatically upon booting with  Grub

I am using Grub Customizer to make Windows my default boot option

After installing Ubuntu next to Windows it can be very smart and time saving to alter these boot options. Often people start their computer and go for their coffee cup, and then they of course expect their computer to be fully ready as they return. In such cases it can be frustrating if the computer hasn’t even started yet (only the boot screen is there), or if you find out that somehow Ubuntu auto-loaded instead of Windows, or the opposite. We therefore hope this little article could be of help.


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