How to install Ubuntu 13.10 next to Windows when Ubuntu does not recognize your Windows partition?


I know this title is not closely related to blogging, but I like to share advices and help I receive with other people, and I recently had big problems installing Ubuntu next to my Windows installation, so I thought I would simply write how I managed to fix the problem after all.

Problem installing Ubuntu next to Windows

Ubuntu and Windows side by sideI have a laptop which was originally delivered to me with Windows 8. I did not like Windows 8 at all, so I deleted all partitions, formatted the hard drive and installed Windows 7. Then I found out that since I often write help articles, especially in the IP Address Guide on VPNs and Ubuntu I wanted to have an Ubuntu installation running on my laptop. So, I downloaded an Ubuntu 13.10 ISO, burnt it to a DVD and started my computer over again (I had to alter my BIOS to make it want to boot from CD/DVD). Ubuntu CD started and I clicked and told that I wanted to install Ubuntu to my computer (not just run the Live CD). That is when the problem occured, because I did not want to delete all partitions to install Ubuntu, but I wanted to install Ubuntu next to my Windows installation. Unfortunately no such option was available, and when I took a look at the partition tool all I could see was 500gb of unallocated space. I knew if I touched that I would also delete and destroy my Windows. But, why couldn’t I see my Windows partition? That was my problem!

[stextbox id=”info”]Just for your information, when I ran Ubuntu from the live CD I could see all partitions and all drives, it was only when using the partition tool during installation that I could not see the Windows installation.[/stextbox]

What did I do to make Ubuntu recognize my Windows installation?

Before I continue let me just tell that this was the way I fixed my problem. This might not be the solution to your problem and I do not take any responsibility for anything, but here I simply want to share what I did to fix the problem.

What I did was that I download a program named FixParts. I downloaded the Windows version, extracted it and then I ran command in Windows. I did one mistake for a long time, I forgot to enter into “Command” as an administrator. In Windows 7 that I use there is an option if you go into Program – Accessories – Command (as you right click) and that is to run it as an administrator. That is very important for this to work. Then I moved around in the Command prompt to the directory in which the FixParts program was extracted. I typed FixParts 0: and the program started. I then got the following message:

[stextbox id=”warning”]NOTICE: GPT signatures detected on the disk, but no 0xEE protective partition!
The GPT signatures are probably left over from a previous partition table.
Do you want to delete them (if you answer ‘Y’, this will happen
immediately)? (Y/N):[/stextbox]

I confirmed and pressed yes, and afterwards it babbled on about some other stuff. I just pressed q, which quitted the program, restarted my computer and ran the Ubuntu CD. As I tried to install Ubuntu I got a new option which said Install Ubuntu next to Windows and now everything is perfect and I am writing this blog post from Ubuntu 13.10.

Again, I do not take any responsibility for trouble these steps might cause for you, but hopefully they might help you the same way they helped me!

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